Brazil’s Natural Beauty: Chapada Diamantina National Park

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Calling all hiking, nature and outdoor enthusiasts, Chapada Diamantina National Park is the destination for you! Chapada Diamantina, Portuguese for “Diamond Plateau,” was used by miners in search of diamonds. Today, its high altitude grasslands, deep canyons, gushing waterfalls and turquoise blue lagoons make it one of Brazil’s most unique destinations for those seeking outdoor adventure.

Getting There

From Salvador da Bahia, travel 6 hours by bus, past small Bahian towns, and across sprawling landscapes to Lençóis, the closest town to the national park. Check into your hotel and spend the rest of the evening strolling down the picturesque cobblestone streets past colorful colonial buildings.

Lodging In Lençóis Near Chapada Diamantina National Park

Sitting along the banks of the Lençóis River, just five minutes from the city center is the Hotel Canto Das Aguas. This offers the perfect relaxing retreat after long days of exploring Chapada Diamantina. The hotel embodies Brazil with its colorful mosaic art pieces and walkways, which come alive with their brightly colored paintings. For breakfast, choose from a wide selection of fruits, bread, meat and juice on the hotel’s outdoor patio. Wake up to the sounds of birds and watch the rushing river while sipping your morning coffee before your next adventure to Chapada Diamantina.

Hikes In Chapada Diamantina

There is plenty to do in the natural playground of Chapada Diamantina! Activities range from hiking, swimming, rock climbing and mountain biking. There are also shorter hikes to see the Fumaça waterfalls and longer multi-day hikes. Plan ahead and choose which option is best for you.

For those interested in some breathtaking vistas and a good workout, go on a beautiful Chapada Diamantina National Park hike! Trek up the Morro do Pai Inácio Mountain for a panoramic view. Here you can see the extraordinary high peaks and green valleys. Listen to the birds flying above, the water rushing below, and enjoy the sunset from this astonishing viewpoint.

Cachoeira da Fumaça is the highest waterfall in Brazil at over 380 meters high. You can visit Cachoeira da Fumaça on a guided tour from Lençóis or from Vale do Capão, it is a 3 km hike from the main entrance.

Other waterfall hikes include Cachoeira do Sossego and Cachoeira do Buracão

Caves And Snorkeling Adventures

Poço Encantado, an enchanting blue water pool inside of a massive limestone cave, is one of the most popular destinations in the park. During certain periods of the year (April-September) between 10 am, and 1 pm, the sun peaks through a shaft in the cave, creating a stunning spotlight effect onto the crystal blue water. No swimming is allowed, but it makes for some great photos!

Head toward the next magical pool, Poço Azul, where once again the sunlight brings out the bright blues in the water. Swimming is allowed in this pool, so grab your snorkel gear and explore the crystal clear blue waters. In the land of diamonds, who knows what treasures might be hidden at the bottom of this magical lagoon.

The Intensive Tour is a must on everyone’s itinerary to Chapada Diamantina. The tour lives up to its name because of how many attractions you visit in one day. Strap on your headlamps and make your way through the massive Lapa Doce cave past colossal stalagmites and stalactites. Head to Pratinha to cool off in the crystal blue waters or relax on the shores of the swimming hole. For the brave and adventurous throw on your snorkel gear, and plunge into the dark cave waters. While underwater, search for glowing fish with the help of your flashlight! End the tour with a short hike up to the top of Pai do Inacio. Once you’re at the top, gaze out at the iconic postcard view of Chapada Diamantina, its tabletop mountains, and green valleys. End your day, watching the sky change colors as the sun dips below the horizon.

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