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The imitation famous landmarks of China

Venice Italy, Paris, France, Austria Hallstatt … is “concrete” in China, for the purpose of smoking among the rich of this country.

The structure of the Japanese creative

Kindergarten built around a large tree, spiral building, terraced rooftop gardens … express your creativity as well as the respect of the Japanese environment. Fuji Kindergarten in Tachikawa built around zelkova trees. This tree was 50 years old and survived the disaster. This is the ideal place

Night life in Berlin

Wild, free and never ending, many even openly sexual relations as soon as the music has taken up the words describing nightlife in Berlin. Roll the hedonistic nightlife place in Berlin, visitors can not fail to mention the RAW, a former ship repair sector in the East

Picturesque beaches when red autumn

This unique beach turns brilliant red when receiver to attract more people to take pictures and admire. Red Beach (Red Beach) in Panjin City, Liaoning Province, northeastern China known as the sea but did not have the waves, the sand stretches or the sizzling bikini girl. The

Hauntingly scene at the abandoned sites in the world

Because of various reasons, the houses, parks or stadiums have been abandoned long ago. All of them discovered a mysterious beauty. Bewildered house architectural features from the 20th century out of place among the buildings of a growing neighborhood in Shanghai. Abandoned fishing village in Zhejiang province,