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7 Places to Visit in Indonesia beyond Bali

Bali’s beautiful beaches and shimmering rice paddies have made it a justifiably famous tourist destination – but there’s so much more of Indonesia waiting...

Top 10 most famous places to visit in Vietnam

Here at Rough Guides we’ve always known that Vietnam is magical. The gleaming skyscrapers of the country’s booming cities have a singular kind of...

5 Best Places to Visit in Summer in India

Summers come and people are looking for long vacations to get some relief from intolerable heat. As the temperature start rising to high point...

7 reasons you should visit North Sumatra in Indonesia

Sumatra in Western Indonesia is the sixth largest island in the world. While it doesn’t have the temples and beaches of Bali or Java,...

Best 5 Places to Visit in South India in June

Best 5 Places to Visit in South India in June People generally go visiting or travelling during the months of May – June to cool...